Berkeley operastad i Californien

Berkeley campus

Berkeley operastad i Californien

Berkeley /ˈbɜrkliː/ är en stad i San Francisco Bay Area i norra Kalifornien i USA. Staden ligger vid San Francisco-buktens östra kant och smälter samman med Oakland i söder. Till öster avgränsas staden av Berkeley Hills kullar.

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Opera in Berkeley

Our Mission

West Edge Opera believes that everyone, regardless of age, circumstance or background, can discover the excitement and relevance of opera in their lives. We look at the art form through a new lens, re-imagining tradition to connect with a modern audience. We create innovative experiences of the highest quality that respect the original spirit of the work.

Looking Back

As of the end of its 35th season (2014), West Edge Opera has presented 76 complete operas by 49 different composers. The company strives to look at opera in a fresh and innovative way, enhancing the experience for both performers and audience. Repertoire includes the  new and unusual as well as both favorite and lesser-known works by well-known composers and has included world, American, and west coast premieres. The company has commissioned two new operas and several new translations and adaptations of classic works. In 2014 the company introduced a new series, called Opera Medium Rare, that presents concert readings of lesser-known works by famous composers.

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