Catania stad på Sicilien med operascen


Catania stad på Sicilien med operascen

Catania är en stad på östra Sicilien, Italien. Staden har cirka 700 000 invånare, varav cirka 370 000 bor i stadskärnan. Staden har en tunnelbana,

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Teatro Massimo V. Bellini

In 1890 the doors of Teatro Massimo V. Bellini” opened for the ‘ first time, The theatre had been built to the Design of the Milanese architect  Carlo Sada. In its one hundred years (is the heart of Catania’s musical life, the theatre’s stage has been trodden by some of our century’s greatest musicians: Gino Marinuzzi, Vittorio Cui, Antonio Guarnieri, Georg Solti, Lorin Maazel, Riccardo Muti, Giuseppe Sinopoli, and Alain lombard: Toti Dal Monte, Callas, Caballé, Scotto, Freni, Schipa, Gigli, Corelli, Pavarotti, Pertile, Del Monaco and Di Stefano: Galeffi, Bechi, Gobbi, and Nucci. The theatre has hosted performances of practicclly every operatic masterpiece frorn Mozart through Berg as well as contemporary works, the latest of which was the world premiere of Azio Corghi’s Divara in the original Italian. Teatro Massimo “Bellini” con count on o 1 05-member orchestro, o choir of 84, o large group of stage managers, and scenography workshops which have brought to life scenes designed by Ezio Frigerio, Pet Halmen, Maurizio Balò, Hugo de Ano, Luciano Ricceri, Dante Ferretti, and Franca Squarciapino to mention only the mese recasse. Shows at the theatre have been produced by such big names as Pierre Ponnelle, Franco Zeffirelli, Werner Herzog, Claude D’Anna, Gilbert Deflo, Giuliano Montaldo and Denis Krief. The twelve hundred seats in the acoustically perfect hall fili to capacity every year, season’s tickets ore sold for seven performances of each opero and for two performances of each symphony and chamber music concert. Many of the concerts are repeated in other towns in Siciiy, and small groups of instrumentalists and vocalist frorn the orchestro and choir travel to promote

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Teatro Massimo Bellini


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