Chicago stad i Illinois med operahus


Chicago stad i Illinois med operahus

Chicago är en stadskommun i delstaten Illinois i mellanvästern i norra USA. Chicago, som är belägen vid Michigansjöns sydvästra ände, är USA:s tredje största stad.

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Chicago  is the third most populous city in the United States. With over 2.7 million residents, it is the most populous city in the state of Illinois and the Midwest. The city metropolitan area, often referred to as Chicagoland, is home to nearly 10 million people and is the third-largest in the U.S.  Chicago is the seat of Cook County.

C; was incorporated as a city in 1837, near a portage between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River watershed, and experienced rapid growth in the mid-nineteenth century.  Today, the city is an international hub for finance, commerce, industry, technology, telecommunications, and transportation, with O’Hare International Airport being the busiest airport in the world; it also has the largest number of U.S. highways and railroad freight.  In 2012, the city was listed as an alpha global city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network,  and ranks seventh in the world in the 2014 Global Cities Index. As of 2014, C; had the third largest gross metropolitan product in the United States at US$610.5 billion.  As of 2015, C; is the 7th most expensive city and has the 10th highest wages in the world according to a report released by global financial services company UBS.

In 2014, Chicago hosted 50.2 million international and domestic visitors.  Chicago’s culture includes contributions to the visual arts, novels, film, theater, especially improvisational comedy, and music, particularly jazz, blues, soul, and house music. The city has many nicknames, which reflect the impressions and opinions about historical and contemporary Chicago. The best-known include the “Windy City” and the “Second City”.  Chicago has professional sports teams in each of the major professional leagues.

Chicago Opera Group grundades 1910 och präglades i nästan tjugo år framåt av Mary Gurden som sjöng sina mest kända partier, Mélisande och Thais och även var chef för kompaniet 1921-22, den säsong man uruppförde Prokofievs Kärleken till de tre apelsinerna.

Kompaniet omorganiserades under namnet Chicago Civic Opera och flyttade 1929 in i den nyuppförda operabyggnadeen (3 953 platser), men redan 1932 upplöstes ensemblen till följd av finanskrisen i USA.

1933-46 spelade olika ensembler, som delvis utgjordes av sångare från Metropolitan Opera  i New York, och först 1954 bildades Chicago Lyric Theatre som 1956 ändrade namn till The Lyric Opera of Chicago. Säsongen är kort och har huvudsakligen baserats på stjärnsångare från Europa som Jussi Björling, Maria Callas, Renata Tebaldi, Birgit Nilsson, Mario del Monaco, och Tito Gobbi. Bl a Björling och Maria Callas hade sina amerikanska debuter här (1937 respektive 1954).

Classical music offerings include the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO), which performs at Symphony Center, and is recognized as one of the best orchestras in the world.  Also performing regularly at Symphony Center is the Chicago Sinfonietta, a more diverse and multicultural counterpart to the CSO. In the summer, many outdoor concerts are given in Grant Park and Millennium Park. Ravinia Festival, located 25 miles (40 km) north of Chicago, is the summer home of the CSO, and is a favorite destination for many Chicagoans. The Civic Opera House is home to the Lyric Opera of Chicago. The Lithuanian Opera Company of Chicago was founded by Lithuanian Chicagoans in 1956,  and presents operas in Lithuanian.

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