Danieli Gatti Italian conductor born 1961

Danieli Gatti Italian conductor born 1961

Danieli Gatti was born in Milan. He was principal conductor of the Orchestra Dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome from 1992 to 1997. In 1997, he became the music director of the Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna. He has also served as principal guest conductor of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. In 2005, alongside Zubin Mehta and Christian Thielemann, Gatti was invited to conduct a concert in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the 1955 reopening and renovation of the Vienna State Opera. His debut at the Bayreuth Festival was in Stefan Herheim’s production of Parsifal in 2008.

Danieli Gatti Italian conductor born 1961

In 1994, Danieli Gatti made his first guest conducting appearance with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO). He was immediately offered the position of the RPO’s principal conductor, and he assumed the post in 1996. Gatti is regarded as having restored the RPO’s status on par to the other main London orchestras.  During his tenure, in 2004, the RPO acquired its first permanent residency at Cadogan Hall.

In April 2007, Danieli Gatti was one of eight conductors of British orchestras to endorse the 10-year classical music outreach manifesto, ”Building on Excellence: Orchestras for the 21st Century”, to increase the presence of classical music in the UK, including giving free entry to all British schoolchildren to a classical music concert.  In 2009, Gatti stepped down as the RPO’s principal conductor and became the orchestra’s conductor laureate.

Danieli Gatti became Music Director of the Orchestre National de France in September 2008.  He was chief conductor of the Zurich Opera from 2009 to 2012. In October 2014, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra appointed Gatti as its seventh chief conductor, effective in 2016.

Bayreuther Festspiele

2008-11 Parsifal

Metropolitan Opera

Met Performance] CID:318640
New Production
Madama Butterfly {691}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/1/1994
Debut: Pierre Lefèbvre, Alyssa Aftab, Daniele Gatti
[Met Performance] CID:318680
Madama Butterfly {692}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/5/1994
[Met Performance] CID:318710
Madama Butterfly {693}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/8/1994
[Met Performance] CID:318770
Madama Butterfly {694}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/14/1994
[Met Performance] CID:318810
Madama Butterfly {695}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/17/1994
[Met Performance] CID:318840
Madama Butterfly {696}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/21/1994
[Met Performance] CID:318890
Madama Butterfly {697}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/27/1994
[Met Performance] CID:318920
Madama Butterfly {698}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/30/1994
[Met Performance] CID:318970
Madama Butterfly {699}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/4/1995
Debut: Galina Gorchakova
[Met Performance] CID:319000
Madama Butterfly {700}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/7/1995
[Met Performance] CID:353094 
Aida {1104}
Metropolitan Opera House; 10/02/2009
Debuts: Alexei Ratmansky, Stefan Kocán, Adam Laurence Herskowitz
[Met Performance] CID:353106
Aida {1105}
Metropolitan Opera House; 10/07/2009
[Met Performance] CID:353111
Aida {1106}
Metropolitan Opera House; 10/12/2009
[Met Performance] CID:353121
Aida {1107}
Metropolitan Opera House; 10/17/2009
[Met Performance] CID:353125
Aida {1108}
Metropolitan Opera House; 10/21/2009
[Met Performance] CID:353136 
Aida {1109}
Metropolitan Opera House; 10/24/2009
HD Simulcast
[Met Performance] CID:354861  
New Production
Parsifal {289}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/15/2013
Debuts: François Girard, Thibault Vancraenenbroeck, David Finn, Peter Flaherty, Serge Lamothe
Lauren McNeese, Jennifer Forni, Heather Johnson, Mario Chang, Rúni Brattaberg, Kiera Duffy
[Met Performance] CID:354864
Parsifal {290}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/18/2013
[Met Performance] CID:354862
Parsifal {291}
Metropolitan Opera House; 2/21/2013
[Met Performance] CID:354878
Parsifal {292}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/27/2013
[Met Performance] CID:354884 
Parsifal {293}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/02/2013
HD Simulcast

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