Dartington – International Summer School

Dartington – International Summer School

Dartington – International Summer School


It’s an enormous pleasure to welcome you to my first programme as Artistic Director of Dartington International Summer School.

Dartington is a place of extraordinary beauty and creativity, and its ancient buildings and dream-like gardens resonate and shimmer with generations of musicians and composers, artists and dancers, poets and writers.

Each year the Summer School sets out to do something unique: to create a community of all ages and all backgrounds, coming together in a fantastic atmosphere of study and learning, celebration and performance. World-class, internationally acclaimed musicians mingle and chat with students and amateurs, united in their love for music, and the history of the Summer School. This packed four-week programme brings you some very familiar names – well-loved teachers, thinkers and artists, like Emma Kirkby, Alfred Brendel and Jeffrey Skidmore – as well as brilliant young musicians: Thomas Gould, Mira Calix and the Fournier Trio. We celebrate Vivaldi opera, thrill to Eugene Onegin, and experience the biting satire of Brecht and Weill. This year’s choral works range from the glittering virtuosity of Tallis and Gabrieli to the profound spirituality of Arvo Pärt and John Tavener. Folk music courses are led by the amazing Northumbrian pipes-player Kathryn Tickell. Composer Hugh Wood and film composer and aficionado Neil Brand guide and inspire young composers and instrumentalists. Jazz excitement is shared between saxophone hero Andy Sheppard and pianist Huw Warren; Brazilian musician Adriano Adewale sets us on fire with samba and salsa. The 2015 programme offers wide-ranging courses and workshops for musicians of all interests and varying experience: music really does connect us all.

Apart from masterclasses and performances, I’m delighted to welcome a distinguished group of guest speakers, thinkers and writers, including the cultural historian Marina Warner, poet Alice Oswald, seminal artist and composer Tom Phillips, and the great pianist, poet and author Alfred Brendel. And I look forward to welcoming you all to what will be a wonderful Summer School!

Joanna MacGregor

Artistic Director

Dartington är en by i grevskapet Devon, England. Här anordnas årligen sedan 1953 en sommarskola för musiker och sångare. 2015 anordnas sommarskolan mellan 1  -29 augusti.

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