Harrisburg stad i USA med operascener


Harrisburg stad i USA med operascener

Harrisburg, huvudstad i delstaten Pennsylvania, USA. Staden ligger vid Pennsylvania-kanalen och Susquehanna. Harrisburg har sitt namn efter John Harris, ortens förste bebyggare.

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Opera in Harrisburg

Our Mission: Harrisburg Opera’s mission is to offer the region outstanding productions of grand opera, to collaborate with regional performing and arts groups and to develop successful educational outreach programs for adults and youth.

History: The Harrisburg Opera Association was incorporated in 1971, as the “Harrisburg Civic Opera”, which name was amended in 1995. In actuality, the organization dates back to the late 1920’s, with an interruption of some 15 years through World War II to the late 1950’s. From the early 1990’s, a successful effort was made to move the organization from amateur to professional. The organization presents two major productions each year and a free public concert called “Opera In the Park” in conjuction with the city of Harrisburg’s annual 4th of July arts festival and festivities. Located along the Suquehanna river, this concert attracts thousands of audience members annually.

Since its early beginnings, HOA has mounted more than 45 major productions for opera enthusiasts from Central Pennsylvania and beyond. Through the years when opera was considered “art for the elite”, Harrisburg Opera not only survived, but also thrived by nurturing local talent and providing a multitude of volunteers with production and stage experience.

Harrisburg Opera’s early cast members have become the backbone of the growing organization, serving behind the scenes and on the board of directors. The association has grown steadily, keeping pace with the art form that is becoming a growing phenomenon.

As HOA continues to grow, its productions have become larger, more elaborate and more professional with a steadily increasing budget all with the goal of attracting major talents, assisting emerging young singers on their way to major careers and featuring local performers in the Opera’s productions.


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