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Helene Gjerris

Kunne senest opleves på DJO i ’99 i Carmen,desuden på Operaen i Klagenfurt, Aarhus Sommeropera og Det Kgl. Teater. Hun optræder hyppigt med landets symoniorkestre og kan høres med et tysk cabaretreperoire sammen med gruppen Kopenhagen Kabarett. I resten af denne sæson vil man kunne høre HG i så forskellige sammenhænge som Händels Messias, Schönbergs Pierrot Lunaire og Griegs Per Gynt, og i april har hun premiere på en ny forestilling med Kopenhagen Kabarett.

It is possible to master Carmen, Baroque music and the latest of the avant-garde. At least for Helene Gjerris, and her all-encompassing talent has captivated audiences and composers since the mid-1990s. Even before she made her official debut in 1997 she emerged as an unusual figure in Danish musical life. Several new works have been written especially for her.

Helene Gjerris trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, but some of her professional secrets may also come from several years of study at a London school for entertainers and street performers. In contemporary music in particular her charismatic performance comes into its element.

At the beginning of her career Helene Gjerris sang Renaissance music in the vocal ensemble Ars Nova, and at the age of 24 she was a co-founder of the ensemble for contemporary music Figura. On the European Baroque stages she has appeared in Händel’s opera Teseo and Cavalli’s opera Giasone. Among standard roles she has sung Cherubino in The Marriage of Figaro and the title roles in Rossini’s La cenerentola and Bizet’s Carmen, in among other places the Royal Danish Theatre. She also sings oratorios by Bach, Händel and Mozart, and performs Marlene Dietrich’s repertoire with the vocal group Kopenhagen Kabarett. This season she will sing the worldpremiere of Narcissus and Ekko at the Jyske Opera.

On CDs from Dacapo you can hear Helene Gjerris in Per Nørgård’s opera Nuit des Hommes and the cantata The Will-o’-the Wisps Have Gone to Town, in Rued Langgaard’s Late Romantic mystery-play opera Antichrist and in contemporary music by Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen. She has received many prizes, including the Aksel Schiøtz Prize, the Prize of the Danish Composers’ Society and the Reumert Prize.

Helene Gjerris is recently appointed professor to Odense Music Academy, Denmark.

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