Holland Festival – Amsterdam

Holland Festival – Amsterdam

Holland Festival – Amsterdam

Vision of the Holland Festival

 Since 1947 the Holland Festival is the leading international performing arts festival in the Netherlands, annually presenting exceptional performances of international  standing. With each artistic director taking it in new directions, the festival has been at the cutting edge for over sixty years.

The 2015 edition is the first  festival under the artistic leadership of Ruth Mackenzie CBE. She will continue to offer a broad scope of international performing arts with a mix of performances and concerts from all corners of the world. The festival will feature established names as well as new talent, showing innovation in art and exploring new types of venue and forms of theatre. The Holland Festival’s tradition of innovation is further expanded by opening the festival up to the outside world, for instance by staging performances, concerts and events in open public spaces.

Ruth Mackenzie’s aim is for the Holland Festival to have a real impact on visiting audiences, staging life changing events, and to build on the history of a festival of which the Netherlands, particularly Amsterdam, can be proud of.

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