I lombardi at Metropolitan Opera Metplayer – synopsis

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I lombardi at Metropolitan Opera Metplayer – synopsis

Composer and librettist

Music: Giuseppe Verdi|Lyrics: Temistocle Solera after s poem by Tomaso Grossi.


 Libretto In Italian


First performance La Scala 11 februari 1843. Swedish premiere: Stockholm, Mindre Teatern 1848.Seen the performance at Metplayer

Synopsis is taken from Metropolitan Opera

Act I

Pagano returns to Milan from a pilgrimage undertaken after attempting to kill his brother Arvino, with whose wife he was in love. He is reunited with his brother, and all seems well, but his passion overcomes him and he makes another attempt on his brother´s life. Tracigally, however, he kills his father, Folco instead. He is overcome with remorse.

Act II

Arvino leads the Lombard army against Antioch, where his daughter Giselda is held captive by the Muslims. After consulting and recruiting a local hermit (who, though he does not realize it, is in fact his penitent brother); Arvino rescues Giselda, who condemns her rescuers for killing so many of her captors, including – so she believes – the Muslim prince Oronte, with whom she is in love.


The Crusaders, en route for Jerusalem, are overtaken by Oronte, who breaks into the Christian camp and escapes with Giselda. They are pursued by Arvino´s men and Oronte is fatally wounded; before dying he is baptized by the hermit.

Act IV

The exhausted Crusaders begin to lose faith, but Oronte appears in a vision to Giselda and urges her to lead them to Jerusalem. During the battle the hermit is mortally wounded. As Arvino kneels beside him the hermit reveals that he is Pagano, and the brothers are reconciled.

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