Il viaggio a Reims at DKT – Old Stage – synopsis

Il viaggio a Reims at DKT - Old Stage - synopsis

Il viaggio a Reims at DKT – Old Stage – synopsis

Composer and librettist

Music: Gioacchino Rossini|Lyrics:Luigi Balochi.


Libretto In Italian


First performance at Theatre-Italien in Paris, France on the 19th of July 1825.Seen the performance at: 27.2.2004 Royal Danish Opera in Copenhagen

The opera is set in 1825 in Plombieres des Bain, a small French spa town, 300 miles from Reims. An illustrious section of the upper classes of Europe has gathered in the ‘Hotel The Golden Lily” intent on travelling together to Reims in order to celebrate the coronation of King Charles X. An unfortunate lack of horses prevents the journey, and the dismay of the travellers is pronounced in the biggest ensemble in the history of opera. When message comes that the royal festivities are to continue in Paris the guests are appeased; they decide to give a proper farewell party in the hotel before setting off to the capital.

Staff of “The Golden Lily”

Madame Cortese is a charming Tyrolean lady; she owns the hotel, and leads her staff in a firm and friendly fashion. Antonio is the maitre d’hotel, and the right hand of Madame. Maddalena was born in Normandy, she is the housekeeper at the Golden Lily and she tries to mark her position amongst her colleagues, but in vain. Doctor Prudenzio is doctor of the spa hotel; so far he has neither cured nor killed any of his patients.Zefirino and Gelsomino are both attendants in the hotel.

The French guests

The Countess Folleville is a young, fashion crazy widow, who travels with her affected french cousin Don Luigino and Modestina, her phlegmatic maid. Cavalier Belfiore is the lover of the countess and he also tries to seduce every lady he meets.

The international guests

The Polish Marchioness Melibea is also a widow. Her late husband, and Italian general, was assassinated by enemy forces during their ill-fated wedding night. She is looking for a suitable replacement and has found two candidates; the Spanish admiral Don Alvaro, who has the most exquisite genealogical table and Count Libenskoff, who is a pathologically jealous Russian general. The German Baron Trombonok is a devoted music lover with a special interest in philosophy and conducting. Don Profondo is an Italian professor, member of many learned academies and with a passion forn antiquities. Corinna, the famous Roman improvising poetess, is named after the heroine in the Ovidian love poems; she travels with her protege and muse Delia in order to impart beauty to the world. Lord Sydney, the unusually shy English colonel, is deeply ind secretly in love with Corinna.

Off they go to Reims…or perhaps not?

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