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Instituto Cultural Macau

Instituto Cultural Macau

On the occasion of the 28th Macao International Music Festival’s (MIMF) grand opening, and on behalf of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. Government, I would like to pay my respects and welcome all artists from the region and from abroad.

As a grand cultural event of the territory and Asia, the MIMF aims at high quality, richness of content, perfection of format and diversity of styles, leading and promoting aesthetic appreciation of the arts through diverse musical manifestations. Times flies and, in the past 28 years, the Festival has become a stage for showcasing the citizens’ artistic qualities, a window revealing Macao’s image as well as a promotion platform for cultural exchange with the rest of the world.

For this edition of the MIMF, we invited renowned regional and international ensembles and artists of different musical genres, schools and styles. Among the twenty-five programmes we offer the public, whether they examine the emotions, reveal the mysteries of the universe, explore the imagination or reflect on life, we are certain that all will bring enjoyment to the soul and are, quoting the great Ludwig van Beethoven, performances “from the heart and to the heart”.

Furthermore, the Cultural Affairs Bureau promotes an Outreach Programme encompassing a total of twenty-six diverse activities, such as master classes, workshops and artistic appreciation activities, and many others. These activities comprise musical knowledge, theory, technique and critique and go beyond the performance halls, entering the communities, schools and other spaces, allowing citizens to be in contact with music and to build a music culture, enriching daily life, cultivating the spirit, and broadening the spirit.

The history of music tells us that that this art is a carrier of human emotions, the rhythm, the melody and the harmony rooted in the human spirit and a universal language that needs no translation. Whatever emotions we have experienced in our lives, they can certainly find echo in this Festival.

The 28th Macao International Music Festival’s curtain slowly rises. Ahead of us lies a musical event that will certainly stimulate the intellect and the imagination, that will bring joy to all and will carry a valuable life experience.

Länk till festivalen

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