Jason & Medea at Drottningholm – synopsis

Peter Nyqvist romans- och kyrkosångare - tenor

Jason & Medea at Drottningholm – synopsis

Composer and librettist

Music: Francesco Cavalli|Libretto: Giacinto Andrea Cicognini



Swedish première: Drottningholms slottsteater 27 maj 2012

First part

In the prologue Sole celebrates the bond between Jason and Medea and Amore defends the union between Jason and Isifile.

Jason has been meeting an unknown lover every night for the past year. As he leaves her at dawn this day he is greeted by Ercole and Besso who remind him of his mission to conquer the golden fleece. In her palace, Medea queen of Colco tries to avoid Egeo whom she previously promised to marry. Oreste arrives looking for Jason on behalf of Isifile, queen of Lenno, previously forsaken by Jason. He meets the hunchback Demo, Egeo’s servant. Jason comes to take leave of Medea before attempting to conquer the golden fleece. She tells him that she knows of his secret nocturnal affair, but then reveals that she herself is in fact his unknown lover. Medea summons the furies to help Jason in the fight and they give her a magic weapon. Oreste returns to Isifile with and they give her a magic weapon. Oreste returns to Isifile with news that Jason loves Medea and will soon pass nearby on his journey to Corinth. Empowered by Medea’s weapon, Jason defeats the bull and conquers the fleece. Egeo learns from Demo that Jason and Medea plan to leave Colco and he decides to follow them with Demo.

Second part

The boat with Jason and Medea docks at the harbour nearby Isifile’s refuge. Isifile confronts the couple but her pleas are rejected. Medea and Jason fall asleep in the woods where Isifile again urges Jason to return to her. Medea overhears and pretends to consent to their reunion but aside to Jason demands that he kills Isifile. Jason arranges for the killing but Medea finds herself to be the victim instead of Isifile. She is thrown off the cliffs into the sea, but is saved by Egeo. Out of gratitude she consents to marry him. Egeo pledges to revenge the attempted murder and tries to assassinate Jason but is himself thwarted by Isifile who is then accused. The whole plot is unravelled and Jason is left with no choice but to marry Isifile. Jason hopes that with time he will be able to forget Medea and that happiness will follow.

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