José Cura impressive tenor born 1962

José Cura impressive tenor born 1962

World-famous for his intense and original interpretations of opera-characters, as well as for his unconventioal and innotative concert performances, tenor José Cura is a  familiar  name atop the Marquees of the most prestigious theaters.

José Cura impressive tenor born 1962

But José Cura is much more than an operatic star: he is a trained composer and conductor, an opera director, a stage designer, a brilliant performer, and a natural showman determined to use the best music to engage, entertain, and educate.
After studying Composition and Orchestra Conducting in his home town, Rosario, Cura moved to Buenos Aires in 1984 to hone his skills. To gain insights into stage life in general and the art of singing in particular, he worked in one of the professional choirs at the Teatro Colón from 1984 to 1988, where his voice developed into the distinctive bold and bright tenor with tints of dark baritone that would eventually lead to international fame. In 1991 he moved to Europe to pursue the singing career that has since become legendary.

Conducting career

In 1999, José Cura resumed his conducting career, working with top orchestras like the London Philharmonia, the London Symphony, the Vienna Philharmonic, Sinfonia Varsovia, the Toscanini Orchestra, and the Hungarian Philharmonic, among others, in both operatic and symphonic works, thrilling audiences with his performance both in the pit and on the platform. Cura has also released several well-received recordings, including a powerful, intense Rachmaninov Symphony #2 that earned wide critical acclaim:

I have heard several recordings of this work recently. Janssons with the St Petersburg sounds more natural but lacks the same rush as Cura. Sanderling and the Philharmonia are so much broader, but are nowhere near so excitingly presented. Svetlanov’s battered and cut 1960s recording is perhaps the closest in urgency to Cura’s. A performance you imagined, but never dreamed you would experience.  (Classical Music Editor)

2007 saw the world-premiere of La Commedia è finita—a creative re-imagining of Pagliacci coupled with dance and mime, designed and directed by José Cura—which marked the beginning of his career as a stage director and designer. In 2010 Cura set scenery, directed, and starred in Saint-Saëns’s Samson et Dalila at the Badisches Staatstheater, crafting an innovative, modern take on the classic that left audience and critics raving:

  Cura has been following his calling as conductor even at the major houses on a number of occasions and has been thoroughly successful, but in Karlsruhe he was given the special honor of directing, designing and singing the lead role. The exceptional project lent wings to the ensemble and created an artistic result that would do credit to any international operatic stage.  (Opernglas).

The production is available on DVD. The unanimous plaudits of the audience and critics for his La Rondine at the Opéra de Nancy and Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci at the Opera Royal de Wallonie, both in 2012, sealed his stature as a director of distinction. More recently, his production of Otello at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires was selected as one of the most successful productions of 2013 by international voting.

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Metropolitan Opera

[Met Performance] CID:332000 
Cavalleria Rusticana {636} Pagliacci {678}
Metropolitan Opera House; 09/27/1999
Opening Night {115}
Joseph Volpe, General Manager
Debuts: José Cura, Charles Castronovo
[Met Performance] CID:332009
Cavalleria Rusticana {637} Pagliacci {679}
Metropolitan Opera House; 09/30/1999
[Met Performance] CID:332021
Cavalleria Rusticana {638} Pagliacci {680}
Metropolitan Opera House; 10/4/1999
[Met Performance] CID:351166 
Samson et Dalila {210}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/21/2005
[Met Performance] CID:351172
Samson et Dalila {211}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/24/2005
[Met Performance] CID:351178
Samson et Dalila {212}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/01/2005
[Met Performance] CID:351183 Opera News 1 Opera News 2
Samson et Dalila {213}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/05/2005
[Met Performance] CID:351191
Samson et Dalila {214}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/12/2005
[Met Performance] CID:351196
Samson et Dalila {215}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/16/2005
Debut: Malgorzata Walewska
[Met Performance] CID:351202
Samson et Dalila {216}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/19/2005
[Met Performance] CID:351618
Tosca {881}
Metropolitan Opera House; 10/28/2006
Debut: Nicola Luisotti
[Met Performance] CID:351626 
Tosca {882}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/01/2006
[Met Performance] CID:351631
Tosca {883}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/04/2006
[Met Performance] CID:351639
Tosca {884}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/07/2006
[Met Performance] CID:351647
Tosca {885}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/11/2006
[Met Performance] CID:352972 
Cavalleria Rusticana {667} Pagliacci {709}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/30/2009
[Met Performance] CID:352981
Cavalleria Rusticana {668} Pagliacci {710}
Metropolitan Opera House; 04/02/2009
[Met Performance] CID:352990
Cavalleria Rusticana {669} Pagliacci {711}
Metropolitan Opera House; 04/07/2009
[Met Performance] CID:353000
Cavalleria Rusticana {670} Pagliacci {712}
Metropolitan Opera House; 04/10/2009
[Met Performance] CID:353294 
Stiffelio {18}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/11/2010
Debut: Michael Fabiano
[Met Performance] CID:353305
Stiffelio {19}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/14/2010
[Met Performance] CID:353315
Stiffelio {20}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/19/2010
[Met Performance] CID:353324
Stiffelio {21}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/23/2010
[Met Performance] CID:353329
Stiffelio {22}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/26/2010
[Met Performance] CID:353335
Stiffelio {23}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/30/2010
[Met Performance] CID:354883
Carmen {985}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/01/2013
[Met Performance] CID:354901
Otello {320}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/11/2013
[Met Performance] CID:354912
Otello {321}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/15/2013
[Met Performance] CID:354922
Otello {322}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/20/2013
[Met Performance] CID:354928
Otello {323}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/23/2013
[Met Performance] CID:354937
Otello {324}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/27/2013
Debut: Marco Vratogna
[Met Performance] CID:354933
Otello {325}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/30/2013


  • La Traviata, 2000 [ÐVD & CD]
  • Verdi Arias, 2000 [CD]
  • Versismo, 1998 [CD]
  • Il Trovatore, 2002 [DVD]
  • Aurora, 2002 [CD]
  • Manon Lescaut, 2000 (CD)
  • Le Villi, 1994 (CD)
  • Iris (Mascagni), 1996 (CD)
  • Anhelo, 1997
  • Samson et Dalia, 1998
  • Feodora, 1998
  • I Pagliacci, 2000
  • Boleros, 2002
  • Songs of Love, 2002 med Ewa Malas-Godlewska.
  • A Passion Of Verdi, 2001 (DVD)
  • Tosca, 2001 (DVD)
  • Manon Lescaut, 2005 (DVD)
  • Edgar, 2009 (DVD)

Kungliga Operan

Cura har medverkat i två  produktioner och fem föreställningar mellan 2012-14

Upplevda föreställningar

Opera Roll Operahus Datum
Cavalleria Rusticana Turiddu DKT Operaen 12.12.2011
Tosca Cavaradossi Kungliga Operan i Stockholm 21.2.2013
Andrea Chenier Andrea Chenier Kungliga Operan i Stockholm 10.1.2014

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