Magic Flute 2010 at DKT Old Stage – synopsis

Magic Flute 2010 at DKT Old Stage - synopsis

Magic Flute 2010 at DKT Old Stage – synopsis

The Magic Flute, opera by W A Mozart at Royal Danish Opera, Old Stage, in Copenhagen

Composer and librettist

Music: W.A. Mozart| Lyrics: Emanuel Schikaneder.


 Libretto In German


First performance at Theater auf der Wieden on the 30 of September 1791. Seen the performance : 18.01.2010 Royal Opera in Copenhagen

Act One

The Oriental Prince Tamino is saved from monster by Three Ladies who appear mysteriously. They like the look of him, and none of them wants to leave him to tell the news of his arrival to their mistress,the Queen of Night.


The ladies quickly return to punish the bird-catcher Papageno, who claims it was he who killed the monster; they also bring a picture of Pamina, the daughter of the Queen of Night, which makes such a profound impression on Tamino that he swears to rescue her from the evil Saratro. The Queen of Night declares him worthy of the deed, and he and his new attendant Papageno are given a magic flute and a chime of magic bells,while three Boys are to be their guides and oniy advisers. At Sarastro’s temple Pamina is being subjected to the unwelcome attenenions of the guard Monostatos when Papageno appears. He recognizes her from Tamino’s picture and tells her of the prince’s love and his own hopes for a Papagena; together they quickly agree that nothing stånds above the love of a man and woman. Tamino cannot force his way into the Temple of Wisdom with sword in hand, and an Old Priest convinces him and, and an Old Priest convinces him that Sarastro is a noble benefactor, while: is the Queen of Night who is the evil deceiver. The Prince asks to be initiated into the mysteries of knowledge, so that the eternal night that has previously surrounded his life can come to an end.

Tamino hears that Pamina is in the temple, and plays merrily on his flute, to which Papageno replies. Papageno flees with Pamina, only to be caught by Monostatos; but the magic chimes have their effect on the guard. The priests announce the arrival of Sarastro. The noble Sarastro is not yet villing to permit Pamina to return to the evil influence of her mother; her heart should be under the guidance of a man.Monostatos is punished for his overzealousness, while Tamino and Papagenore taken in to undergo the ordeals in the temple. When justice and virtue are universal benefits, the earth will be like heaven and human beings like gods.

Act Two

Sarastro tells the priests of Tamino’songing for the light of wisdom and of Pamina’s purity and noble character, which make her worthy of the Prince. They pray that the couple will be given strength for their endeavours. Two Priests instruct Tamino and Papageno to remain silent during the ordeals. Tamino resists the temptation of the Three Ladies to leave the temple, sending them away, which means he has passed the first test and can continue on his journey with Papageno, who takes comfort in the prospect of finding himself a

The Queen of Night prevents Monostatos from enjoying the pleasures of love, but he hears her ordering her daughter to kill Sarastro so she can take the Shield of the sun, the symbol of power, which he received from Pamina’s father when he was dying; if Pamina does not obey, her mother will disown her. Monostatos wants to reveal this to Sarastro, but is banished from the temple forever; so he turns to the Queen of Night. Sarastro assures Pamina that goodness supported by love is never crushed, but she is not quite reassured.

During the second ordeal Papageno becomes terribly thirsty and is only given water, brought by an ugly old crone called¦ Papagena. Tamino tries to comfort himself with the flute, and as his reward he gets Pamina; she sees his enforced silence as coldness and now onlyb wants to die.TAmino’s steadfastness has brought the two men through the second ordeal.Tamino and Pamina must bid each other the last farewell”. Only Sarastro knows that they will soon meet again.

With the worst of his thirst assuaged,Papageno only has one concern: a wife.For want of anything better he accepts the crone, but no sooner has she been transformed into a young Papagena than she banishes as a punishment for all his lies.

The Three Boys look forward to the day when wisdom reigns, and they lead Pamina – close to suicide because of unrequited love – to Tamino.

Papageno too thinks a little about suicide but the boys and the chimes bring him back to Papagena. They plan to start a family.Two men in armour declare that the fear of death must be overcome before one can arrive at the eternal truths. Tamino goes with Pamina through the purging ordeal of fire and water, led on by love and protected by the magic flute, which her father had cut from an ancient oak.

The Queen of Night tries once again to destroy the temple, but light triumphs over darkness. And the noble couple are welcomed among the enlightened.

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