Magic Flute at Dalhalla – synopsis

Peter Nyqvist romans- och kyrkosångare - tenor

Magic Flute at Dalhalla – synopsis

Magic Flute  opera by W A Mozart at Dalhalla Operafestival

Composer and librettist

Music: W.A. Mozart|Lyrics: Emanuel Schikaneder.


Libretto in German language


First performance at Theater auf der Wieden in Vienna on the 30 of September 1791.


Prince Tamino has been separated from his hunting party and is pursued by a huge serpent. He faints but is rescued by threeladies-in-waiting dispatched by the Queen of the Night and they all lose their hearts to the handsome youth. They hasten back to their mistress to tell her that they have found a handsome prince. While they are away,Papageno. the bird catcher, whose job it is to snare birds for the Queen of the Night, arrives on the scene. When Tamino comes to his senses again, he thinks Papageno has saved him and, after making sure that the serpent is really dead, Papageno is more than willing to accept the honour. The three ladies-in-wait-ing punish Papagena by putting a padlock on his mouth. They give Tamino a portrait of the Queen of the Night´s daughter Pamina.on his moutn. He falls in love with the beautiful maiden. The Queen tells him that Pamina has been abducted by Sarastro and she wants Tamino to deliver her Tamino promises to rescue her. To asist him, he is given a magic flute and Papageno is given a set of chimes. Three youths are charged with the task of guiding them to Sarastro’s castle.

Pamina escapes from her jailer, the blackslave, Monostatos, who lusts for her, but he overtakes her. At this point, Papageno arrives on the scene and Monostatos flees. Papageno tells Pamina about the young prince who is on his way to rescue her. Aided by the three youths, Tamino has reached the Isis temple and knocks on the door. An ancient priest tells him that Sarastro is no wicked spirit but a wise man who has removed Pamina from her mother’s bad influence. Tamino breathes a sigh of relief when he finds out that she is still alive and he plays his flute. Papageno and Pamina hear the magic flute and hasten to meet Tamino, but Monostatos and his band overtake them. At this point, a choir heralds the arrival of Sarastro.

Papageno is undecided but Pamina wants to tell the true story to Sarastro, who has seen through the whole intrigue and punishes Monostatos. He has just brought the captive Tamino to Sarastro and had counted on receiving a reward. This is the first meeting between the young couple but the meeting is short one since Tamino has to continue into the temple.


Sarastro and his priests decide to admit Tamino into their number as one of the initiated if he succeeds in passing the tests they plan to subject him to and Tamino and Papagena are led into room with instruction not to speak to anyone. In the meantime, Monostatos sneaks into to the sleeping Pamina but the Queen of the Night orders him to leave. She attempts to persuade her daughter to murder Sarastro for having abducted her.Pamina refuses and is saved by Sarastro, who promises not to avenge himself on her mother.

In the temple. Papageno and Tamino meet an old woman, to whom Papageno wishes to speak but just as she is about to reveal her identity, she is swallowed up into the earth.Papageno has now learnt his lesson but Tamino is put to the test when Pamina comes in and is upset because he does nor speak to her.She threatens to kill herself. Sarastro consoles her and explains that Tamino must undergo more ordeals before they can be united. Papageno speaks again to the old woman, who explains that her name is Papagena and that she is only 18 years old but,just as he is about to take her into his arms,she is carried away. Pamina is distraught because she still believes that Tamino has deserted her but the three youths prevent her from committing suicide and take her to Tamino, who is about to undergo the final fire and water ordeal. With the help of the magic flute,they pass through the final ordeal unschathed together.

Papageno also wishes to kill himself because Papageno has diseappered but is rescued by the three youths, who produce his beloved by magic. In a final attempt to defeat Sarastro, the Queen of the Night has forced her way into the the temple together with Monostatos,to whom she has promised Pamina’s hand, but they are swallowed up into the earth, accompanied by thunder and lightning.In the closing scene, the initiated priests sing the praises of Sarastro and bid Pamina and Tamino welcome into their community.

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