Manon Lescaut at DKT Old Stage – synopsis

Manon Lescaut på Det Kongelige Teater Gamle Scene - synopsis

Manon Lescaut at DKT Old Stage – synopsis

Composer and librettist

Music: Giacomo Puccini|Lyrics: Leoncavallo,Praga,Oliva, Illica and Giacosa, after abbé Prévost.


Libretto In Italian


First performance; Teatro Regio i Turin den 1 februari 1893. Seen the performance at: 16.4.2002 Den Kongelige Opera Köpenhamn

The story takes place in Amiens, Paris, Le Havre and Louisiana

In a square in Amiens the young students Edmond and Chevalier Des Griex meet with their friends. Lescault arrives with his sister, Manon. He has promised his father to take her to a convent. On the stage coach they have encountered the wealthy Geronte di Ravoir, who now intends to abduct the young giri. Only Manon quickly falls in love with Des Grieux.

To avoid Geronte’s wicked plan regarding Manon, the young couple flee to Paris. Manon’s brother has allied himself with Geronte, promising him that Manon will soon leave the impoverished Des Grieux and throw herself at Geronte. Manon is tempted by the luxury offered to her by Geronte, but Des Grieux still occupies her mind. He calls on her, and the young couple agree to elope in a hurry.

Geronte has Manon arrested for immorality and theft – she is sentenced to deportation. Des Grieux persuades the captain of the ship, designated for America, also to take him on board. When they arrive in New Orleans the young couple escape into the desert…

Translation: Nina Bassett

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