Mexico City operastad i Mexico

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Mexico City operastad i Mexico

Mexico City, alternativt Mexiko City, D.F., México, är Mexikos huvudstad. Det är det viktigaste ekonomiska, industriella och kulturella centret i landet, och den största staden med cirka 8,8 miljoner invånare 2009. Storstadsområdet (Zona Metropolitana del Valle de México) hade cirka 21,0 miljoner invånare år 2009,  vilket gör det till ett av de folkrikaste i världen. Det är för övrigt världens största storstadsområde utanför Asien.

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Greater Mexico City refers to the conurbation around Mexico City, officially called Mexico City Metropolitan Area (Área Metropolitana de la Ciudad de México),  constituted by the Federal District—itself composed of 16 boroughs—and 41 adjacent municipalities of the states of Mexico and Hidalgo. For normative purposes, however, Greater Mexico City most commonly refers to the Metropolitan Area of the Valley of Mexico (Zona Metropolitana del Valle de México) an agglomeration that incorporates 18 additional municipalities. As of 2010 Census, Greater Mexico City had a population just over 20 million, making it the largest metropolitan area in North America followed by the New York metropolitan area. But as of a 2014 census, it’s estimated the population of Greater Mexico City at 22.5 million people. It is surrounded by thin strips of highlands which separate it from other adjacent metropolitan areas, the biggest are Puebla Toluca, and Cuernavaca-Cuautla, which together form the Mexico City megalopolis with over 27 million people.

Since the 1940s there have been different proposals to establish the limits of the growing conurbation of Mexico City, and different definitions were used unofficially as the city continued to grow. The Federal Government (represented by the Department of Social Development), the Federal District (Mexico City proper), and the State of Mexico agreed on the official definitions for both the Mexico City Metropolitan Area and the Metropolitan Area of the Valley of Mexico on 22 December 2005.  Per the agreement, most urban planning projects will be administered by Metropolitan Commissions.

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