Tiroler Festspiele Erl


Tiroler Festspiele Erl

Or: The Fundament Of The Tyrolean Festival Erl In Winter

  To dig deep and lay the foundation on solid rock is an advice the smart contractor took not only from the bible when building the new Festspielhaus of the Tyrolean Festival Erl in Tyrol’s Unterland region.

In October 2010, 110,000 tons of rock and countless truckloads of soil were removed for the construction of the Festspielhaus, which is literally built on rock. Even when the rain comes in torrents and the floodwaters rise and the winds beat against it: the opera stage and the music will be protected thanks to the house’s foundations that are pinned to the rock.
The rock-solid foundations are one thing. Ideas with depth that form the spiritual basis of the new festival house are the other. “If all of us did the right thing in their situation, things would be heading more and more in the right direction”, says Gustav Kuhn, founder and artistic director of the Tirolean Festival Erl.

Artistic Background

Gustav Kuhn’s ideas, in brief, are these: the love for music should be the driving force at all times; an opera production must be inspired by music and music alone; all artistic endeavors should be rooted in freedom: the freedom “to something” and not “from something”; the support of up and coming talents must come before bureaucratic pressure and commercial success. These are also the ideas behind the Accademia di Montegral, which Gustav Kuhn founded to offer holistic support to young musicians. However, the musical origins of the Accademia ‒ just like Kuhn’s early and middle career years – are deeply rooted in the Italian belcanto style. “I really founded the Accademia di Montegral as belcanto institute”, explains Gustav Kuhn. “It has always been of great importance to me to cast Wagner operas with belcanto-trained singers as this is what Wagner did.” Kuhn’s steadfast commitment to productions that are “werktreu” (faithful to the original) largely contributes to the great success of the Tyrolean Festival Erl.

Roadmap To A New Festival House

Kuhn’s philosophy has proved more than successful for the Tyrolean Summer Festival Erl, which has been held at the Passionsspielhaus since 1998. Shortly after its inception, the Tyrolean Festival Erl won the Tyrolean Tourism Industry Award. The 2005 performance of the “Ring in 24 Hours” put the festival on the international music map. Also in 2005, Dr. Hans Peter Haselsteiner became president of the Tyrolean Festival Erl, which is organized as a limited liability company. After much ado and many years of tribulations, construction for a new festival house was started in October 2010.

There were compelling pragmatic reasons for a new festival venue: the old Passionsspielhaus had neither heating or air conditioning, and some of the most basic infrastructure was sorely missing, including coatroom, foyer, modern rehearsal and performance conditions for the artists, and office space for the administration, the design studio and stage technicians. With a large foyer, coatrooms, modern stage technology, several rehearsal rooms and plenty of space for offices, the new festival house provides the Tyrolean Festival Erl with the setting needed for a successful future.

The Festspielhaus As Home

The Festspielhaus is also home for the orchestra, the choir academy, the design studio, the administration and all those who contribute to the success of the Tyrolean Festival Erl. And ultimately the Festspielhaus will be home to a strong belief: the belief that music is a passion and not a career. The beliefs and ideas in which the Tyrolean Festival Erl is rooted haven taken wings and are in search of a new home where they can unfurl and sprout into their full potential. The Festspielhaus in Erl is the place, the stage and the window, where Gustav Kuhn’s matured and fruitful ideas will find their new home.

Länk till Tiroler Festspiele in Erl

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