Tito at Danish Royal Opera Old Stage – synopsis

Tito at Danish Royal Opera Old Stage - synopsis

Tito at Danish Royal Opera Old Stage – synopsis

Tito (La clemenza di Tito), opera by W A Mozart at Royal Danish Opera, Old Stage, in Copenhagen

Composer and librettist

Music: W A Mozart|Lyrics:Caterino Tommaso Mazzolá after Metastasio


Libretto In Italian


Worldpremière in Prague at 6 of September 1791. Seen the performance: 6.5.2004 Royal Danish Opera in Copenhagen


Rome, the year 79- Vitellia engages in a plot to assassinate Emperor Tito since he does not return her love and who is a close friend of Tito, to commit the murder. But when Vitellia learns that Bereice is not to become Tito’s wife after all,her ambitions for the throne revive. She asks Sesto to delay the assassination.

Sesto is a friend of Annio, who loves Sesto’ sister, Servilia. Annio urges Sesto to put in a good word for him with Tito.The populace hails Tito before the Capitol.Annio and Sesto learn that Tito wishes to marry Servilia, and Annio congratulates the emperor diplomatically. When Annio conveys to Servilia that she is to marry the emperor she reaffirms her love for Annio.At the imperial palace, Tito is presented with a list of those who have spoken disloyally. He is generous enough to forgive them. Servilia approaches the emperor and tells him that her heart belongs to Annio, and Tito generously relinquishes all claim to her. Vitellia, who in the meanwhile has become angered because she believes Tito is to marry Servilia, orders Sesto to execute the murder of the emperor. But when a messenger brings her news that the emperor wishes to marry her, it is too late to stop Sesto.


Sesto is tormented. He believes he has succeeded in killing the emperor, but Annio tells him that the emperor has escaped harm. Annio advises Sesto to confess to perhaps earn forgiveness.Vitellia implores Sesto to flee for both their sakes, but Sesto is apprehended and brought to the Senate for interrogaton. Sesto along with other conspirators is sentenced to death.

Despite Sesto’s confession, Tito finds it hard to believe that his good friend has attempted to assassinate him. When they are alone, the remorseful Sesto tells Tito that the reason for his treason was not to seize the throne for himself. Sesto does not, however, implicate Vitellia. Tito, who, is not satisfied with Sesto’s explanation,orders him cast to the lions. But Tito agonizes over his decision and declares that he will make Sesto’s fate known in front of the people. When Tito is about to announce his judgement, Vitellia casts herself at his feet and declares her guilt. Tito is enraged but regains himself – and pardons everyone lardons everyone.

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