Treviso stad i Italien med operahus


Treviso stad i Italien med operahus

Treviso är en stad i regionen Veneto i nordöstra Italien med cirka 83 000 invånare. Treviso är huvudort i provinsen med samma namn och är belägen cirka 30 km norr om Venedig.

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About Teatro Comunale

In 1999, following the closure of the Teatro Comunale in Treviso, the Cassamarca Foundation, ever eager to support the conservation of historic buildings as well as cultural activities, undertook to oversee the structural and functional restoration of Teatro Eden, a Liberty style building of the early 1900s.

Once the renovation work overseen and financed by the Cassamarca Foundation was completed, the Treviso City Council, through a convention ratified on February 24th, 2000, entrusted the management of the Teatro Eden to the Foundation

The anticipated artistic and cultural activities to be held in Teatro Eden were to fulfil the stated objective, among others, of protecting the continuity of the theatrical tradition until completion of the Teatro Comunale restoration

In this context, a further convention between the Treviso City Council and the Cassamarca Foundation was established. The Foundation is once again entrusted for the restoration and management of another theatre, Teatro Comunale.

In order to facilitate these results, the Cassamarca Foundation has constituted an instrumental company, known as Teatri S.p.A., whose activities focus on the management and programming of cultural initiatives held in the Teatro Eden and in the other theatres which come under its control.

The Cassamarca Foundation has so continued to purchase and receiving in concession other theatres, located in the main towns in the Veneto. This has lead to the development of a newly conceived theatres network, run by Teatri S.p.A.:

Teatro Eden, Treviso
It is located outside the city centre. It consists of stage with grid, moving orchestra-pit, capacity of 450 seats

Teatro Sociale (ex Ariston ), Treviso
This cinema-theatre, located in the historic centre of the town, hosts amateur theatre events, choral concerts and activities of cultural association of the city. Capacity: 450 seats.

Teatro Lorenzo Da Ponte (ex Teatro Rossini), Vittorio Veneto, TV
Entitled to the great poet and librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte, it is located in the historic centre of Serravalle. It consists of grid, under-stage and moving orchestra-pit, capacity of 400 seats.

Villa Ca’ Zenobio, Treviso
A Venetian villa just outside the Treviso centre, bought by Cassamarca Foundation, it hosts MasterCampus projects, high quality master classes. Guest quarters allow accommodation for at least twenty students. At the Villa there is also the “Nico Pepe Found”, a library of about 3000 documents dedicated to the drama theatre, property of the Veneto Region Administration.

Teatro Careni, Pieve di Soligo, TV
A particularly functional theatre for drama and concert events, it has a capacity of 400 seats. Activities are programmed in cooperation with the Pieve di Soligo Council.

Teatro delle Voci(ex Cinema La Perla), Treviso
This little cinema in the suburbs of Treviso was transformed into an appropriate space for rehearsals for experimental or contemporary drama and music, consisting of a modular stage and sound recording room.

Teatro Comunale, Treviso
It was opened on November 15th, 2003, after its restoration. Capacity: 750 seats. Since 2005, Teatri S.p.A. has been officially recognized by the Culture Department. Since 2006, ascertained the quality and artistic continuity of the company, the Arts and Music Department has confirmed the qualification of Teatro di Tradizione to Teatro Comunale in Treviso.

The Opera Seasons of Teatro Comunale are two-directions oriented: proposing popular operas and involving young debutante interpreters, or at the very beginning of their career. At this concern one of the titles presented in the season calendar is always directly connected to the International Competition for Singers “Toti Dal Monte”.

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