Juan – operamovie by Kasper Holten


Juan – a operamovie by Kasper Holten


Music: W.A. Mozart|Screenplay: Mogens Rukov adaption from Lorenzo da Ponte libretto.


Seen the  performance on : 7.4.2011 Cinema Dagmar in Copenhagen


|Conductor: Lars Ulrik Mortensen|Director: Kasper Holten|Photo: András Nagy|Production: Malene Blenkov and Michel Schønnemann|

Operaroles, voicetype and singers

Juan,bassbaritoneChristopher Maltman
Chief of PolicebassEric Halfvarson
AnnasopranoMaria Bengtsson
OttaviotenorPeter Lodahl
ElvirasopranoElisabeth Futral
LeporellobaritoneMikhail Petrenko
MasettobassLudvig Lindström
ZerlinasopranoKatija Dragojevic

During a performance of Mozart’s Don Giovanni, Juan sees the beautiful upper-class girl Anna in the audience. He seduces her behind the back of both her fiancé Ottavio and her father, the city’s powerful police chief. But the father discovers them, and he sees the incident as rape on his daughter. Juan wants to run away, but by accident he kills the father. Anna is devastated but she still decides to protect Juan, and tells police that she did not see the killer. Together with Leporello Juan flees through town, and soon the urge to seduce more women emerges. When he sees a beautiful woman however, it turns out to be Elvira, a former mistress. She has come to town to find Juan, but Juan succeeds in escaping from her.

Juan and Leporello instead stumble across an engagement party at a bar. Juan takes an interest in the future bride, Zerlina, and he persuades her to leave the party with him and gets Leporello to entertain the groom Masetto. Juan seduces Zerlina in his studio, and Masetto becomes suspicious and wants revenge. Meanwhile, Anna has caved in at the police station while Ottavio was pressuring her to reveal who killed her father.

When Juan later hosts a party in his studio, it turns into a nightmare for him. He is disclosed by disillusioned mistresses, jealousy-ridden men and especially the police, who finds the notorious playboy.

Everything is about to crash for Juan, and during his desperate escape he sets fire to his studio. The escape leads him back to the crime scene where it all began. Here the addled Juan hears the slain man’s voice. Juan is about to fall apart, but he insists on continuing the flight, and together with Leporello he steals a car and hurtles through town. While the police pursue them in a frantic car chase, Juan faces his demons for the first time in his life…

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